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At Aspire Clinic we offer a range of treatments to treat a variety of ageing concerns and conditions.


The effects of years of sun damage, the general ageing process and lifestyle factors such as smoking and drinking alcohol, combine to have a detrimental effect on our skin, leading to sagging skin, lines and wrinkles. To discover the best treatment for you, we would always advise that you come along for a free consultation, to discuss your needs. Two of our most popular treatments available are wrinkle reduction injectables and dermal fillers.

Frown linesCrows feetEye bagsMouth to chin linesJowlsSagging skinNose to mouth linesLip volumeCrepey neck

Treatment for Frown Lines

There are two primary treatments to improve the appearance of vertical frown lines above the bridge of the nose, dermal fillers and wrinkle reduction injectables.


Treatment for Crows feet

Crows feet lines around the outside corners of the eyes, often referred to as ‘laughter lines’, are more common as we age and collagen and elastin levels in the skin deplete. We offer wrinkle reduction injectables to reduce crows feet.


Treatment for Eye Bags

The skin surrounding the eye area is the most delicate on the face and is prone to puffiness and sagging. Our EndyMed Pro® treatment is recommended to reduce saggy eye bags.


Treatment for mouth to chin lines

Known as marionette lines the lines that run between the mouth and chin get more pronounced as we get older and can give the face a sad look. We recommend dermal fillers to lift the area and turn the corners of the mouth upwards.


Treatment for Jowls

Lax skin is caused by the decrease in production and quantity of collagen in the skin, which eventually leads to sagging, the formation of wrinkles and loss of tone. This is particularly evident in the jowl area as we age. Ideal treatments to restore structure and firmness to the jowl area include:

  • EndyMed Pro®, which delivers heat deep in the dermal layers of the skin to tighten and firm the area.
  • Fine thread face lift, which use fine sutures to gently lift and tighten loose skin and restore youthful contours to areas that are prone to sagging.


Treatment for Sagging Skin

When we are young, our skin has high levels of collagen and elastin, which gives our skin firmness, volume, and elasticity. We offer five treatments to help reverse sagging skin.


Treatment for Nose to Mouth lines

One of the first areas to show signs of ageing, it is one of the easier to reverse, through the use of dermal fillers or EndyMed.


Treatment for Lip Volume

Our leading lip products from Juvederm are tailor made to specifically fit the sensitive lip tissue and contain a local anaesthetic for maximum comfort during your treatment. The treatment is designed to restore the natural hydration of your lips, adding softness and smoothness and building subtle volume.


Treatment for Crepey Neck

When the skin on the neck begins to age, it can become saggy, loose and crepey. Previously, it has been an area difficult to treat. However with EndyMed Pro®, Profhilo or Platelet Rich Plasma treatments we can now successfully reverse the signs of ageing.



Five key things you should check if you are considering a cosmetic procedure

  • Check your practitioner’s qualifications. Our treatment is a prescription only product and the only people licensed to write these prescriptions are Doctors, Dentists and Nurse prescribers, following a full consultation.
  • Not all products made from Botulinum type A Toxin are Trustworthy. Ask your practitioner which product they use and why.
  • Has the product/treatment you are considering been extensively researched? Medical cosmetic treatments should be backed by science and have a proven track record, so make sure you ask about the safety and effectiveness of the procedure. 
  • What do you want to achieve from the treatment? Be clear about what your expectations are. Your practitioner should be able to explain what results you can realistically expect from the procedure.
  • It’s all about trust. Make sure you feel confident in the practitioner – after all, your reason for considering a procedure is all about looking and feeling great!

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