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Sclerotherapy thread vein removal treatment is excellent for eliminating larger thread veins commonly found on the legs and thigh areas.


Thread veins, or spider veins as they are sometimes called, are clusters of superficial veins caused by the vein walls becoming fragile so that they dilate and become visible and unsightly.

How it worksWho will provide this treatment

How does Sclerotherapy work

The revolutionary Veinlite® is used to detect the veins requiring treatment. A small amount of a special chemical called a sclerosant is then administered with the finest of needles into the thread vein causing the vein walls to collapse and disappear over time.

Your nurse will advise you the length of time it will take to complete your treatment and you can return to normal activities immediately afterwards. In addition, patients may be offered laser thread vein removal to treat smaller veins if appropriate.

Who will provide this treatment

At Aspire Clinic, Sclerotherapy is carried out by experienced nurses who are dedicated to safe practice and are specialists in this field. Your practitioner will advise you about your post treatment care and to attain maximum benefit from your treatment you will need to wear support tights for a few weeks post treatment.



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