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The Coolest Way to Remove Fat
13 May 2019

The Coolest Way to Remove Fat

With over 7 million treatments performed worldwide, CoolSculpting has become the world’s most popular and successful permanent, non-surgical fat removal treatment. It’s a safe and proven way of permanently removing fat cells resulting in up to 27% reduction of volume in the treated area and is able to debulk and sculpt parts of the body that resist diet and exercise.

To celebrate this, Aspire is holding a Cool Week from 3rd-7th June 2019. The entire week will be dedicated to CoolSculpting, and patients are invited to book a complimentary consultation with one of the clinic’s expert practitioners to find out how CoolSculpting can create a more sculpted body.

How does CoolSculpting work?

Fat freezing treatments work by delivering controlled cooling to gently and effectively target the fat cells underneath the skin, while leaving the skin itself unaffected. The treated fat cells are cooled to -10 degrees centigrade, resulting in them being permanently destroyed. Over the next few weeks, the body processes the destroyed fat cells and naturally excretes them, leaving a slimmer, more shapely body.

The great news is that the results are permanent and the fat goes for good!

What to expect at an Aspire CoolSculpting consultation

Our CoolSculpting experts will lead your consultation.

  1. During your consultation we will explore your reasons for coming to us, examine your areas of concern, and discuss what you hope to achieve during your CoolSculpting transformation. We will review your medical history to ensure you’re a suitable candidate for treatment.
  2. A physical assessment will follow, where we will use a series of pinches to measure pockets of fat, points of projection, and the angle which your body fat tapers to ensure correct placement of the CoolSculpting applicators.
  3. We will then be able to plan out a treatment programme that is 100% designed for you, taking into consideration your concerns and your transformation desires. Additional photographs will be taken for your records. 
  4. At your consultation, all aspects of your treatment will be fully explained allowing you to make a fully informed and clear treatment decision. Your consultation will focus on achieving your CoolSculpting transformation with Aspire.

What happens during the CoolSculpting treatment?

With CoolSculpting, the majority of the work is actually done at your consultation, which is why coming in for a consultation is so important. However, your treatment is as simple as this: (We’ve used the abdomen as an example as it’s our most popular treatment)




  1. Your CoolSculpting specialist will go through the treatment consent form that you will need to sign ahead of treatment.
  2. Your specialist will pinch test and mark out the area being treated using notes and photography from your personal consultation.
  3. They will place the appropriate applicator over the area being treated. You may want to bring spare underwear with you as the applicator gel is sticky.
  4. You’ll be set comfortably on our treatment bed and the machine will be set to run for the treatment time (35-45 mins).
  5. When the cycle is finished, the applicator is removed and an essential two-minute massage on the treated area is performed.
  6. Go home and relax.

Snacks, drinks and lunch (depending on the length of your appointment) will be provided.

What will you feel during your CoolSculpting treatment?

Initially the area will cold. After 1-2 minutes you will feel a tingling sensation in the area being treated. By 7 minutes the tissue will become numb and thereafter most patients find the treatment comfortable and relaxing. Once the applicator is removed, you may feel some slight discomfort during the 2-minute massage.

What happens next?

Following the CoolSculpting treatment, the patient is invited in for a six-week review to see how the results are progressing. Photos will be taken, and it is an opportunity to compare these with the pre-treatment photographs. Not all patients will see an improvement at this stage, hence patients are also invited back for a 12-week review when results will be at their optimum.

To find out more and make the most of Aspire’s Cool Event discounts of up to 50% off, book your complimentary consultation today.

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