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Real Stories, Real Results: Elaine on Obagi Nu-Derm
13 Feb 2019

Real Stories, Real Results: Elaine on Obagi Nu-Derm

Firstly, I must explain that I had no idea that this excellent skin system even existed until, after many hours of internet trawling, I found Aspire. I researched Aspire fully, checking out client reviews and more importantly looking for any negative reviews, which, I have to say I found very few, any I did come across were personal opinions and not related to a particular Aspire professional, that’s just human nature. Anyway that’s how I became part of the Aspire family. I booked a consultation with Jenny for a Sweetheart Thread Lift back in April 2018. Jenny talked me through everything from the form filling to any discomfort I might experience and how to prepare for the procedure. To cut a long story short I have the most amazing jawline now – totally jowl free! Following the treatment Jenny introduced me to Lisa as I had a particular problem with a very large age spot on my right cheek and was considering getting the carbuncle zapped by lasers!

After a long consultation with Lisa she explained that as the discolouration had been present for quite a few years I would probably need a number of laser treatments, which even then may or may not clear the area. Lisa gave me some leaflets on the Obagi system and recommended that the Nu-Derm programme would work best for me. The system is designed to, over a period of either 18 or 24 weeks, clear discolouration, acne and sort those pesky wrinkles out. Me being me went home and undertook some thorough research – the programme is not cheap so I wanted to be absolutely sure that this would work best for me.

I decided to go ahead and book the appointment with Lisa to discuss further and look at the products. Lisa went through what to expect, this information matched perfectly with what I had discovered myself, she didn’t try and sugar coat it (I have written an honest week by week sheet which Jenny and the team have, and will willingly share with you). Lisa took me through the daily routine which at first was quite daunting, especially at my age, as I wasn’t sure the information would stick! Lisa wrote everything down for me – phew! I had pictures taken at the start of my Aspire journey (pre and post sweetheart lift) and pre Obagi clearly showing all my imperfections. I had regular check-ups to make sure I was using the products correctly and that there were no problems. I believe Jenny, Aspire’s Clinic Director has used Obagi herself so she understands the different stages your skin goes through during its transformation.

elaine before after

Sadly Lisa left Aspire before I finished my 24 week Nu-Derm course, but I am delighted to have Penny take over my skin care. Penny is very kind, patient and most importantly knows all there is to know about Obagi. Towards the end of my treatment (wk23) Penny gave me one of the Obagi peels that comes with the kit, you get two peels, one post treatment and the other you can have whenever you feel your skin needs a bit of a boost, these are not to be confused with the blue peel that makes you look a bit like a smurf for a few days. The Blue Radiance Peel is far gentler and complements the Obagi treatment – talking of which, it is worth booking a course ofDermalux treatments too as this compliments and calms irritated skin.

I am now at the end of the treatment and boy what a difference, my age spot has completely gone, my skin tone is even and wrinkles have been greatly reduced. Would I use it again, without a doubt I would, it’s not the end for me as I am now starting on the Obagi maintenance programme. Please ask about reading my week to week experience for a greater insight into my own experience with Obagi Nu-derm.

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