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Obagi is a unique and highly effective medical skin care system, called 'Nu-Derm' that has been specifically formulated to improve the signs of pigmented, ageing or acne damaged skin at a cellular level.


The Obagi System works deep in the dermis of the skin to regulate melanocytes that are responsible for the appearance of age spots, boost collagen production and repair Keratinocytes which leads to improved skin structure, elasticity and overall appearance and texture.

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What areas can Nu-Derm treat?

The Nu-Derm system treats a number of common signs of poor skin quality:

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Who will provide the treatment

The Obagi System consists of a prescription skin care regime that is tailored to your particular requirements. The treatment is carried out at home, over a period of 12 weeks, with ongoing support and regular reviews at Aspire Clinic.

You will see immediate improvement in your overall skin tone, with new skin forming over the course of the treatment.

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