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Diary of an Aesthetic Virgin – Mole Removal
19 Mar 2018

Diary of an Aesthetic Virgin – Mole Removal

Did you know that the NHS no longer removes moles and lesions on the skin that do not pose a health risk?

These days, if you have a mole, wart, skin tag or other lesion that is totally healthy, but you would like removed, then you need to get treated at a private clinic.

And having done my fair share of sun worshipping over the years, I have quite a few moles, many of them visible. So for my last treatment as an Aesthetic Virgin (because let’s face it, after a wonderful year of trying out the latest in non-surgical cosmetic treatments, I can no longer call myself a virgin), I decided to try out cryotherapy, a procedure that uses freezing temperatures as part of its treatment.

At Aspire Clinic, my nurse, Laura agreed with my doctor that the moles I wanted removed were totally benign and perfectly suitable for cryotherapy using CryoPen.

CryoPen is exactly what it says on the tin – a pen-like implement that emits a fine jet of nitrous oxide (dry ice) through a tiny nozzle, enabling the clinician to work with millimetre precision so that no surrounding tissue is damaged. It also means that no matter how small the skin imperfection is, CryoPen can remove it.

Cryotherapy - Aspire Clinic


This was the fastest of all the treatments I have tried out. Quite literally seconds! The Cryopen blasted each mole I was having treated for about five to 30 seconds depending on the size. The initial blast of nitrous oxide was no more than a sharp sting lasting seconds. It also didn’t feel particularly cold, again, always a bonus in my book.

The treatment works simply by freezing the cells, thereby destroying them. My moles took about three weeks to fall off, and the skin looked totally normal and blemish-free thereafter. There was no downtime or aftercare, making it a really convenient treatment with great results.

Aspire Clinic’s Dr Kat will be holding a mole removal consultation and treatment day on Monday 16th April. To book your appointment, call 0118 931 3575 or email

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