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Diary of an Aesthetic Virgin – Bye Bye to Bags
29 Jan 2018

Diary of an Aesthetic Virgin – Bye Bye to Bags

Burning the candle both ends on a regular basis means that some days I wake up with matching luggage under my eyes.

Dark circles and puffiness are a constant feature on my face, and something I’d love to get rid of. So this month’s challenge was to find out whether I could tackle my tired look without having to go under the knife.

Once again, with Aspire Clinic I find that my challenge is really rather easy. A great safe and effective alternative to surgery is the EndyBleph™ non-surgical eye-bag tightening treatment, which is a combination of two clinically-proven EndyMed treatments: GLOW Skin Tightening and Lifting and FSR – Fractional Skin Resurfacing.

Now, this may sound a bit of a mouthful and all a bit technical, but basically the treatment aims to reduce the saggy skin (or bags as we not-so-fondly call them) under the eyes, reduce puffiness and dark colour, and tighten the skin. Because EndyMed is designed to stimulate natural responses in the skin, it claims that whilst being natural-looking, the results are like turning back the clock to reveal more youthful looking, firmer, tighter, smoother skin in this area.

This seems a big ask for a really delicate area of the body without the intervention of surgery. As ever, I was ready to give it a go!

The treatment took about 20 minutes and was pain-free – always a bonus in my books. Protective cream was applied around my eye area, and the treatment itself was a bit like having a hot stone massage, with the applicator being gently moved around my eye area. My skin became warm, but not uncomfortably so and was a bit pink immediately after the treatment.

So what exactly does this treatment do? Using radiofrequency, the EndyMed GLOW simulates the deep skin cells, encouraging new collagen to be produced, causing the skin to tighten. The FSR part of the treatment uses the same radiofrequency technology, but focuses on stimulating the top layers of skin. At the same time, the top level of skin is ablated – although you can’t see it, as it’s so fine – and the natural healing response kicks in to form a fresh and tightened top later, thus rejuvenating any crepiness.

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Once the initial pinkness subsided, I noticed an immediate difference in the brightness and colour of the skin under my eyes, and with each day after the treatment, the skin definitely looks less baggy. With the combined treatment, I will have two more sessions over the next six weeks…no more eye-bags for me!

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