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Bestlife Basics: Nutrition and Exercise to Complement CoolSculpting
24 May 2017

Bestlife Basics: Nutrition and Exercise to Complement CoolSculpting

As a former personal trainer and nutritionist, Aspire’s CoolSculpting expert, Sarah Archer understands the importance of promoting a healthy lifestyle to her CoolSculpting patients.

The red-carpet experience that Sarah offers her patients means that they are given individual care, attention and advice to ensure that they get the most out of their Aspire experience and their CoolSculpting journey

So when Marla Murray-Callisen, a personal trainer and nutritionist and the creator of Bestlife Basics contacted Aspire clinic, Sarah saw a great opportunity to offer her patients another dimension to their treatment.

Explaining the collaboration Sarah said: “Forming a partnership with Bestlife Basics means that we are able to offer our patients a 360° care package. This not only includes individual support, care and advice throughout the course of their treatment, but also the opportunity to address their nutrition and exercise needs.”

Marla is now working with Aspire to offer our CoolSculpting patients an insight into their lifestyle and an opportunity to enable them to make the positive changes that will help to maintain and enhance their CoolSculpting experience and embrace a healthier lifestyle in the long-term.

“I like to help women who want to be strong. I meet so many women looking for a transformation, but they lose motivation, aren’t sure what to do about nutrition and get sucked in by faddy diets”, says Marla. “That’s where I step in and am ready to help.”

Marla has been helping her clients, mainly women, for four years now following a drastic career change from an IT Finance Consultant. “Clearly I didn’t care for money!” Marla jokes, but the passion for what she does is very clear. “I do what I do because I think women give so much of themselves to others, but this is a way for women to focus on themselves.”

A great example of this is one of Marla’s clients, Mary, who has spent her life giving everything to her family and never did anything for herself. She came to Marla back in October, clinically obese and in need of changing her lifestyle. “I’ve spent six months saying ‘Mary first’ and encouraging and equipping Mary with tools to put herself first and start thinking about her own needs”, explains Marla. “I’m now taking Mary on a journey of self-discovery, from finding inspiration from others that have been there – I introduced her to an amazing book by Shonda Rimes called Year of Yes – to addressing her lifestyle and nutrition choices, to implementing an exercise routine that has seen her get stronger and stronger. Mary is now seeing changes starting to happen and is becoming a version of herself that is more confident and feels good.”

Whether it’s clients like Mary, or clients like Jill, who wanted to transform her body so that she could compete in physique competitions, Marla says she gets excited when her clients want to step outside of their comfort zone.

And this is exactly what excites Marla about working with Aspire’s CoolSculpting patients. “These are women and men that are taking firm action to change their shape and get the body they want. CoolSculpting targets stubborn areas of fat and permanently removes it. With the help of Bestlife Basics personal training and nutrition advice, I want to enhance the CoolSculpting experience by helping patients to tone up the rest of the body, become stronger and make sure they don’t pile on the pounds in other areas. For most people, two hours a day in the gym and measuring out food portions to achieve the perfect figure is totally unrealistic. However, by following my expert nutrition and exercise advice I can enable people to achieve a body and lifestyle that are both healthy and strong in a way that is safe.”

For more information or to book a Bestlife Basics consultation, contact Marla via email: or telephone: 07519 608 163.

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