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Although summer seems like a distant memory, what with trips to Devon, France, and Wales, combined with lots of snorkeling, walking, paddle boarding and any other physical activity my kids challenged me to combined with plenty of sun, wind and rain, by autumn frankly my skin had taken a battering!

And I wanted to start winter feeling fresh, so off I went to Aspire Clinic for a little me time and some serious rejuvenation.

The treatment I was prescribed was the new Juvéderm Volite, a skin booster designed specifically to improve skin quality on the face, neck, décolletage and hands.

In just one treatment, lasting up to nine months, Volite rehydrates the skin, improves skin smoothness and elasticity, and gives your skin a long-lasting, healthy-looking glow. Just the pick-me-up my skin needed.

Lying on the treatment bed in the comfortable surroundings of Aspire Clinic at the Madejski Stadium, Laura, my lovely nurse applied a local anesthetic cream to numb my entire face and neck. Then, using a white wax pencil, she created a grid pattern to define the treatment area, before giving me a series of microinjections…and I didn’t feel a thing!

volite treatment


So what was actually being injected into my skin?

Volite is composed of hyaluronic acid (HA), which is found naturally in the body and skin. In fact, 75% of skin is HA, and each HA molecule holds 500 times its own weight in moisture, thereby hydrating skin and smoothing wrinkles. The body’s natural ability to regenerate HA slowly decreases with age, so the Volite treatment boosts the amount of HA in our skin leaving it smooth, glowing and rejuvenated.

Jenny O’Neill, Aspire’s Clinic Director was explaining that expensive creams containing HA don't work because the skin is designed to be a protective barrier against outside elements and bacteria. Penetration of the skin’s surface is therefore limited and the absorption of topical creams is minimalised. By injecting HA directly into the skin, the Volite treatment optimises skin quality with instant results.

There was no downtime with this treatment; just a couple of micro-needle marks which had faded by the next day. As promised, over the next few days the treatment results continued to improve hydration and my skin felt and looked refreshed, leaving me feeling rather fabulous. I’ve had lots of comments about my healthy, glowing and well-rested skin. And the good news is the treatment is long-lasting so only needs doing once a year, which suits my busy lifestyle!

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