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We don’t need much of an excuse here at Aspire to reward our wonderful patients with fabulous offers. And the festive season is the perfect opportunity for us to show our generosity!

Once again, we shall be opening a door of the Aspire Advent Calendar each day in December to reveal an amazing offer you won’t want to miss.

From £100 off wrinkle-relaxing injections to a free CoolSculpting cycle, we’ve got daily offers to suit everyone. But you will need to be quick…these offers will only be available to purchase on the day that they are revealed.

Check the Aspire Clinic website daily or follow us on Facebook to find out what’s behind the Advent Calendar door each day. To redeem the offer, just call us on 0118 931 3575 or email

Wait, there’s more…

Whether you’re looking for a luxury gift for someone special or just dropping a hint for yourself, Aspire’s gift ideas are perfect for anyone who loves to look radiant…

Skin-Sational Gift Set

Agera Microderma System’s Mask and Activator make up the Skin-Sational gift set, giving a lift to tired, dull and congested skin. The two-step Microderma System to exfoliate and revitalise the skin cells, will give a smooth and radiant appearance to skin in need of a sprinkling of sparkle. Aspire’s Skin-Sational gift set costs £60 and is beautifully wrapped and ready to go under the tree. Give the gift of radiance this Christmas.

Revital-Eyes Gift

You can burn the candle both ends this Christmas without letting it show with Aspire’s Revital-Eyes gift of an Obagi Elastiderm Eye Serum. Give your eyes a firmer, more resilient appearance with this clinically proven product that will help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improve the feeling of elasticity and firmness, and leave you looking brighter. Aspire’s Revital-Eyes costs £120 and comes in a beautiful gift box. Blink and you’ll miss it, so order one today!

Gift Vouchers

Whether it’s a preference for wrinkle smoothing, fat-reduction or skin rejuvenation solutions, Aspire’s gift vouchers are perfect for those who prefer to choose exactly what they want themselves. Recipients will enjoy Aspire’s red-carpet experience, including a full complimentary consultation with an expert practitioner to discuss treatment pathway options. Gift vouchers can be bought in denominations of £25, £50, £100, £250 and £500 and are valid for one year from date of purchase.

Purchase your gift vouchers or gift sets today: 0118 931 3575 or

Did you know, like the rest of our skin, our lips are vulnerable to ageing. The thin skin in this area means that over time our lips start to lose fullness and wrinkles start to appear.

Whilst the skin on our lips is constantly moisturised from within by hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring sugar, as we age, our bodies make less and less hyaluronic acid, causing lines to appear and lips to thin.

Lip enchancement treatment1

There’s now no need to be afraid of pouting or puckering up with Aspire’s lip enhancement treatments that use Juvéderm facial fillers. Whilst many moisturisers contain hyaluronic acid, facial fillers replenish the hyaluronic acid deep within the skin, giving back a youthful look.

Juvéderm is a smooth gel that is injected under the skin using an ultra-fine needle. The gel fills lines and wrinkles whilst the hyaluronic acid within attracts and retains moisture, so results can last up to a year. The smooth consistency means we can tailor your treatment to your individual lip shape, subtly adding fullness while maintaining the details that make your lips unique.

Our Juvéderm lip enhancement treatments can:

  • Add lip fullness back again
  • Ease droop at lip corners
  • Smooth vertical lines around the mouth
  • Reduce marionette lines between lip corners and chin
  • Give a fuller shape
  • Adjust the proportions of top and bottom lip
  • Add definition to lip edges

So, make sure you’re ready to pucker up under the mistletoe this festive season with Aspire’s top of the range lip enhancement treatments, designed to restore the natural hydration of your lips, adding softness and smoothness and building subtle volume.

Book a lip filler treatment on a Wednesday or a Friday with our nurse practitioner and lip expert Jo and save £160! Pay just £390 instead of £550. Book your treatment today.

Do you dread laughing, coughing or sneezing? Does the thought of bouncing on the trampoline with the children fill you with horror? If the answer is yes, then you are probably one of the 40% of women who suffer from stress incontinence following childbirth.

Aspire Clinic has the answer to combating this condition with its new treatment, Votiva; the ideal non-surgical solution to stress incontinence and other postnatal internal and external vaginal conditions, including muscle and skin laxity and painful sensations.

votica image 3

Using the latest radio frequency wand that can be used comfortably on both internal and external tissues, Votiva is a quick, discrete treatment with no downtime, meaning, unlike surgery, patients can continue with their daily lives. And, results can be seen immediately.

Votiva patients have reported experiencing immediate improvement to their stress incontinence problems, as well as being delighted with the external and internal reconstructive results of the treatment.

Many women find talking about intimate problems extremely embarrassing, and would rather ignore the problem than seek help. Aspire Clinic’s team of experienced nurses ensure patients receive the best possible reassurance, advice and expert care before, during and after treatment. Let Votiva be the answer to get you running, jumping and skipping back through life.

Aspire Clinic is holding a Women’s Wellness Evening on Tuesday 30th October at 7pm, where Clinic Director, Jenny O’Neill, who is a qualified nurse, midwife and health visitor, will talk about feminine wellness and be on hand to discretely answer any questions. To register your interest contact Aspire Clinic on 0118 931 3575 or email

Imagine the joy of not having to think about shaving your legs every other day or having to cover up because you’ve just not had the time. There may not be much cause to shave legs now that autumn is here, but now is the perfect time to start thinking about getting our bodies ready for next summer so you don’t have to think about shaving your legs ever again!

Research reveals that on average, a woman will spend £6,500 and eight weeks of her life shaving unwanted hair. Whilst women who wax twice a month will spend around £23,000 on this during their lifetime. Which is why the popularity of laser hair removal is increasing as it saves both time and money and is a permanent solution. Laser hair removal is an ideal and effective treatment to get rid of unwanted hair on any part of the face or body, and is revered by both women and men and all skin types, including dark skin.

Here at Aspire Clinic, we are launching a brand-new laser hair removal treatment, using the latest technology – Cynosure, so you can now aspire to be hair free in an easy and cost-effective way!

How does it work?

Laser hair removal targets the hair follicle using brief pulses of light energy. The laser light is absorbed by melanin (pigmentation) in the hair follicle and creates heat which travels down the hair shaft and destroys the hair follicle, this giving you a permanent hair removal result. The process is completely safe and leaves the surrounding tissue unharmed.

How long does it take?

The actual treatment itself is very quick, and a course of eight treatments is arranged to achieve permanent reduction. These are usually spaced at four-to-six week intervals, depending on which area is being treated. After treatment, the active hairs will start to fall out within two weeks.

Who’s it for?

Laser hair removal is ideal for anyone – both men and women - with unwanted hair. Whilst the bikini area, legs and underarms are particularly popular amongst women, laser hair removal is also an ideal for solution for:

  • Ingrown hairs
  • Polycystic ovarian syndrome, which causes high levels of testosterone resulting in excess hair growth
  • Pilonidal cysts caused by hair and skin debris
  • Unwanted facial hair
  • Athletes such as cyclists, swimmers and runners to increase performance and prevent chafing
  • Hairy backs

laser hair removal

A 0% finance option is available to those booking a course of treatments. The clinic also offers a 20% discount to women diagnosed with PCOS.

To book your complimentary consultation with one of Aspire’s expert laser practitioners call 0118 931 3575 or email

From 1st-5th October, Aspire’s Cool Week will be taking place to help you look and feel fabulous this festive season.

Cool Week is your chance to find out more about Aspire’s non-surgical fat freezing treatments and enjoy fabulous event-only discounts that will leave you with a more sculpted body just in time to get in to that little black dress this Christmas.

Fat freezing is a safe and proven way of permanently removing fat cells resulting in up to 27% reduction of volume in the treated area. It is able to debulk and sculpt parts of the body that resist diet and exercise and can be used to treat any part of the body where there’s ‘pinchable’ fat.

Aspire offers both CoolSculpting and Cooltech fat freezing treatments. The technology has been developed for over a decade, with CoolSculpting being the only FDA approved machine of its kind, making it the highest quality treatment option available; and as of August 2018, over 6 million treatments have been performed worldwide. This month, we’re excited to be launching Aspire’s Cooltech machine, which will allow us to give the ultimate fat freezing results for our patients, alongside CoolSculpting.

Fat freezing treatments work by delivering controlled cooling to gently and effectively target the fat cells underneath the skin, while leaving the skin itself unaffected. The treated fat cells are cooled to -10 degrees centigrade, resulting in them being permanently destroyed. Over the next few weeks, the body naturally processes the destroyed fat cells and the body naturally excretes them, leaving a slimmer, more shapely body.

Our most popular treatment areas are: the abdomen, the flanks, the chin and the inner and outer thighs, as well as ‘bingo wings’. CoolSculpting is successful on adults of all ages and any body shape, and the great news is that the results are permanent and the fat goes for good!

coolsculpting blog 1
coolsculpting blog 2

Book your complimentary fat freezing consultation during Aspire’s Cool Week now. Call 0118 931 3575 or email

Ageing may be a fact of life, but looking our age doesn’t have to be…

What do you see when you look in the mirror? Crows feet around the eyes? Deeper frown lines and than you would like? Wrinkles, lack of structure and lifeless skin are natural signs of the ageing process in us all. And one of the most common complaints about ageing skin is the way it tends to sag around the face and neck.

The good news is we can now reverse these signs of ageing with a fabulous new treatment called Profhilo. It gives beautiful, natural looking results and you won’t have to go under the knife to defy time or gravity.

Here at Aspire, we have just launched Profhilo, the award winning pure-hydrating and skin-tightening injectable treatment.

Jenny O’Neill, Aspire’s Clinic Director said: “I see many patients with loose and crepey skin, particularly on the lower face and neck. With its incredible skin remodelling results, Profhilo will be a game-changer in combatting signs of ageing and renewing the skin from within.”

Profhilo Treatment Results- AspireClinic

Profhilo is a twice-yearly treatment made up of hyaluronic acid in its purest form to nourish dermal cells and restore firmness to the skin. Whilst hyaluronic acid comprises 78% of the body’s skin and is the element that retains moisture to hydrate the skin, the body’s natural ability to regenerate hyaluronic acid decreases with age. This results in skin losing elasticity and becoming saggy. By putting hyaluronic acid back in to the skin, Profhilo is the perfect solution to addressing the ageing process.

Profhilo is a 45 minute treatment and involves five injections to the area being treated. This is repeated after four weeks. It is the ideal treatment for the face, neck, décolletage, hands and upper arms, and lasts 6-12 months, after which time it is naturally and safely metabolised by your system.

Profhilo costs £750 for the face or neck, and £1100 for the face and neck combined.

Aspire Clinic is holding a Profhilo Pure Skin Hydration Consultation Event on Thursday 20th September 2018 at our clinic based at the Madejski Stadium, Reading. There will be event-only discounts available on the day.

To book your free one-to-one consultation with one of Aspire’s expert medical practitioners, or call: 0118 931 3575.

Are you a member of Aspire’s Gold Club? If so, did you know that you’re entitled to three complimentary treatments as part of your membership?

Finding the time to treat yourself can be difficult. Whether it’s work, the children or just life in general, there’s always something more important to do.

Here at Aspire, we know how busy life is for our patients, so to make things easier for our Gold Club members, and to ensure you get the most out of your membership.

And, if you book a Radiance Peel on a Monday or Friday in July or August, you can also have your Dermalux light therapy treatment during the same appointment, pick up your SPF50 Heliocare, and be all set for the rest of the summer.

If you are not part of the Aspire Gold Club but have had a wrinkle-reduction injectable treatment and/or a dermal filler treatment with us, then you are entitled to join the Aspire Gold Club membership scheme, where you’ll be able to spread the cost of your future treatments under the Gold Club payment plan. Find out more here.

Call 0118 931 3575 to book your appointment today.

If you’re planning on attending Marvellous Festival at Dinton Pastures this weekend, make sure you visit the Aspire Cabana for a little relaxation and 'me time'.

In the shade of our luxurious cabana, the Aspire team will be on hand to offer a range of massages whilst you lie back and soak up the music and atmosphere.

Whether you need a break from the kids, you’re working too hard or just want to sleep, we have a massage to suit everyone, carried out by our fully trained therapists. And if you’re interested in finding out more about Aspire, then we’ll have staff on hand to talk you through our range of non-surgical aesthetic treatments on offer at the clinic.

When you visit the Aspire Cabana, you’ll also have the opportunity to enter our competition to be in with a chance to win a Bright and Radiant facial consisting of a Radiance Peel and Dermalux light therapy to resurface the skin, encourage cellular renewal, and leave you looking fresh, radiant and ready for summer. This competition prize is worth £175!

We look forward to seeing you at Marvellous!

marvellous 1

marvellous 2

marvellous 3

It’s all about skin rejuvenation this month. With a warmer-than-usual May and hope for more sun in June (we honestly are not complaining!), our skin has already been exposed to potential sun damage and premature ageing.

The good news is that Aspire has launched its brand new range of luxury facial treatments to resurface the skin, encourage cellular renewal, stimulate collagen and elastin and leave your skin looking smooth, radiant and glowing with health to last all summer long!

If you suffer from tired-looking skin, uneven skin tone, pigmentation, enlarged pores, acne or breakouts, scarring or pitting then we can help.

The Bright and Radiant Facial

This is a great introduction to Aspire’s new facial treatment packages. The Obagi Blue Radiance Peel is a gentle peel to kick-start the resurfacing of your skin from within. Then lie back and relax with the Dermalux light therapy treatment that will give all the benefits of the LED light to calm and rehydrate the skin surface for an immediate glowing radiance.

Treatment time: 1 hour.

Bright and Radiant Facial - Aspire Clinic


Skin Like Meghan Facial

We all saw how flawless the new Duchess of Sussex’s skin was on her wedding day. She was a truly radiant bride. To mark the royal wedding and help you look and feel like a princess, Aspire is launching its new Skin Like Meghan facial, a treatment that goes deeper to give outstanding results. This collagen-stimulating treatment uses micro-needles to penetrate the deep dermis of the skin and introduce Hyaluronic Acid (HA) to rehydrate the skin surface. It’s then followed by the relaxing, rejuvenating and mood-enhancing Dermalux light therapy treatment. The Skin Like Meghan facial is also ideal for reducing acne scarring, repairing uneven skin tone and closing enlarged pores, leaving you looking like a radiant royal.

Treatment time: 1.5 hours

Skin like Meghan Facial - Aspire Clinic


The Ultimate Vitamin Rejuvenator Facial

This is the ultimate in facial rejuvenation and is loved by international celebrities! Aspire’s Ultimate Vitamin Rejuvenator facial uses the Endymed treatment endorsed by Kim Kardashian that gives her that perfect, tightened, glowing skin. Aspire’s newest facial starts with the Endymed 3Deep treatment, which encourages the skin to produce more collagen and elastin, resurfacing and tightening the face. Then once again, lie back and relax with Dermalux light therapy to feel truly rejuvenated. You will also be given a complimentary Obagi Vitamin C serum worth £75 and a Heliocare Factor 50 Sun Touche worth £28 to use as part of your daily skin routine to repair and protect your skin and leave you looking simply gorgeous.

Treatment time: 1.5 hours

Ultimate Vitamin Rejuvenator Facial - Aspire Clinic

*Terms and conditions: These offers can be passed on as a gift but cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

A team, made up of some Reading chaps, has taken themselves off to India for a few weeks to undertake the India's Cup rally from Chennai, India's 'motor city' on the eastern coast all the way to Goa, the region's party capital on its western shores.

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