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Sclerotherapy - Aspire's Guide to Vein Free Legs
30 Jun 2017

Sclerotherapy - Aspire's Guide to Vein Free Legs

Does the thought of baring your legs this summer fill you with horror? Do you try and keep those spidery and thread veins under wraps? Do you long for blemish-free legs?

Well, here at Aspire, we can help give you blemish-free, beautiful legs that you’ll be proud to show off.

Treating visible veins, whether they’re larger thread veins or the more spidery-looking type most commonly found on the leg and thigh area has never been easier. Here’s our all-you-need-to-know guide to vanquishing veins with sclerotherapy and laser treatments:

What are thread veins?

Thread veins, or spider veins, as they are sometimes called, are clusters of superficial veins caused by the vein walls becoming fragile so that they dilate and become visible and unsightly.

How can they be treated?

We use the revolutionary Veinlite® to detect the veins requiring treatment. A small amount of a special chemical called a sclerosant is then administered with the finest of needles into the thread vein causing the vein walls to collapse and disappear over time. Some patients will also require laser thread vein removal to treat smaller veins if appropriate.

How long will the treatment take?

During your consultation, your nurse will advise you on the number of treatment sessions you will need, and will discuss how long the course will take. The treatment package covers up to four treatments, which can be a combination of injectable treatments and laser. Treatments occur 6-12 weeks apart.

Will it hurt and how will I feel afterwards?

No, there is minimal discomfort with this treatment. What’s great with this treatment is, you can return to normal activities immediately afterwards as there is little or no downtime. Your nurse will advise you on your aftercare, and you will need to wear comfortable and stylish support stockings for 1-3 weeks post treatment. Because of this, we find that this treatment is ideal to start during the autumn and winter.

Is it dangerous?

This is a safe and effective treatment; the veins that we are eliminating do not have a function in the body. The products used are licensed for this treatment.

Will the veins come back and will I need to have the treatment repeated?

We have a fabulous success rate with this combined treatment. For the area treated, veins do not reappear, however, if a patient is prone to thread-veins, veins may appear in other places, so we offer an annual check up to deal with any new areas. Patients have expressed how happy they are with their results, and are left feeling confident and ready to show off their legs!

Now is the ideal time to come in to Aspire and have your free consultation with our expert nurses and practitioners. And what makes this even sweeter is if you book in for a treatment, we will give you £125* off the total cost.

To book your free consultation, contact Aspire Clinic: 0118 931 3575 or

*This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. Treatment must be booked and paid for by the 31st of August 2017.

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