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Aspire Clinic Launches New Rejuvenating Skin-Boosting Injection
02 May 2017

Aspire Clinic Launches New Rejuvenating Skin-Boosting Injection

Launching Volite: The once-a-year skin boosting injection that rejuvenates the face, neck, hands and décolletage by delivering micro injections of Hyaluronic Acid (HA) directly into the skin, resulting in instant rehydration, wrinkle smoothing rejuvenation and luminous radiance.

Aspire Clinic has become one of the first aesthetic clinics to offer a brand new skin booster injectable treatment designed specifically to address skin quality on the face, neck, décolletage and hands.

Juvéderm VOLITE, Aspire’s latest injectable offering visibly improves skin smoothness, increasing hydration and elasticity, to give patients immediate long-lasting, healthy, radiant skin from just one treatment.

The makers of Juvéderm VOLITE, Allergan, ran a clinical trial, with results indicating improvement in skin quality and hydration. The trial found 96% of patients’ cheeks were smoother within one month after treatment and results lasted 9-12 months.

Jenny O’Neill, Clinic Director, said: “Expensive creams containing HA don't work because the skin is designed to be a protective barrier against outside elements and bacteria. Penetration of the skin’s surface is therefore limited and the absorption of topical creams is minimalised. This is why the new Juvéderm VOLITE, by injecting HA directly into the skin, will be a game-changer for our patients. There has been a huge growth in patients wanting fantastic-looking skin that makes them feel confident. This will be achieved with Volite in just one long lasting treatment.”

Volite is composed of pure Hyaluronic Acid (HA), which is naturally found in the skin. In fact, HA comprises 78% of the body’s skin and is the element that retains moisture and thereby hydrates the skin. The body’s natural ability to regenerate HA slowly decreases with age, thus the Volite skin booster reverses this ageing process.

O’Neill continued, “New research and technology means that the world of aesthetics changes rapidly, and I’m absolutely thrilled that Aspire Clinic is at the forefront of these changes and is able to offer the latest treatments entering the market, administered by our highly qualified nurse-practitioners.”

To celebrate the launch of this new treatment, which will be available from 1st May, Aspire Clinic is offering a special introductory price of £500 for a facial, hand or décolletage treatment. The normal cost will be £650. To book a treatment or consultation, contact Aspire Clinic on 0118 931 3575 or email

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