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Procedural Questions for Cosmetic Skin Clinic Treatments | Aspire Clinic

A Question of Quality
22 Jun 2016

A Question of Quality

 Five Key Things... To ask your practitioner if you're considering an aesthetic procedure:


Check your practitioner’s qualifications.
Botox® is a prescription only product. The only people licensed to write prescriptions for Botox are Doctors, Dentists and Nurse prescribers. 


Ask your practitioner which product they use and why.
Botox® is a trademarked product. Like “Hoover” became a generic term for vacuum cleaners in the 50’s, not all products made from Botulinum type A Toxin are Botox.


Has the product/treatment you are considering been extensively researched?
Aesthetic treatments should be backed by science and have a proven track record, so make sure you ask about the safety and effectiveness of the procedure.


What do you want to achieve from the treatment?
Be clear about what your expectations are. Your practitioner should be able to explain what results you can realistically expect from the procedure.


Make sure you feel confident in the practitioner
After all, your reason for considering a procedure is all about looking and feeling great!


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