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Wrinkles & Sagging Skin Without Surgery | Non-Surgical Skin Treatment

EndyMed Pro® delivers heat deep into the dermal layers of the skin, creating an immediate tightening effect on the collagen structure and stimulating new collagen growth.

Over the last few years there has been an increasing demand from patients for non-invasive treatments to reduce wrinkles and tighten and firm the skin.

This, along with the development in technology, has led to a number of breakthroughs in this area. One such breakthrough is the EndyMed Pro® Facial and Body tightening procedure.

The cause of lax skin is the decrease in production and quantity of the collagen in the skin which eventually leads to sagging, the formation of wrinkles and loss of tone.

The heat penetration is achieved by EndyMed’s patented 3DEEP Radio Frequency (RF) technology. The power and depth of RF energy delivered to the skin can be adjusted according to the area treated which makes it a very effective treatment for both the face and the body.

What area's can be treated with EndyMed Pro®?

3DEEP® Facial Tightening

  • 'Eye Bags' - to smooth and reducing puffiness around the eyes
  • Neck - to tighten and lift slack skin
  • 'Jowls' Lifting and firming the jaw area
  • Lip area - smooth and firm lip lines around the mouth
  • Tighten and firm the decolletage

3DEEP® Body Contouring

  • Reduce Cellulite
  • Tighten stomach area
  • Lift and firm buttock area
  • Reducing 'Love Handles'
  • Tighten thighs
  • Lifting and firming 'Bingo Wings'

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What Others Say

"My Skin Felt so Smooth & it Was Glowing!"
"I had a 30 minute treatment, & after just a few days, my very inflamed blemishes had completely gone down, my skin felt so smooth & it was glowing!"
"Certainly Recommend The Clinic To Others!"
"I recently visited Aspire clinic for the first time. I found it to be very professional, yet extremely friendly..."
"A Real Confidence Booster"
"My CoolSculpting treatments were a total success for me, with minimal discomfort during treatment and only some tingling/bruising afterwards..."

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Your Free Consultation

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